Azobe support blocks

Support blocks, saddles, specials in wood.

We at Ritmeester Ltd have extensive experience in manufacturing all kinds of:

  • wooden transport saddles,
  • cradles for transport and hevay loading,
  • custom pipe supports,
  • export shipping saddles,
  • saddles for (mega)yacht support and transport,
  • filling blocks etc.

made to measure both in hardwood like Azobe or in all required other wooden materials such as Oregon Pine or plywood in ocoume, poplar or birch plywood (ISPM 15 certified if required).

Produced by CNC milling from digital files or your design drawing.

Plese find a few of our items below with pictures. For any question you can find the contact details below.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Azobe Support Blocks in all sizes and quantities, CNC Milled

Azobe wedges, support blocks, saddles, shipping & transport saddles...

CNC Milled to specs; also for exact fit. If required with protective EPDM or other synthetic top


From rough material to finished product

Windmill transport support blocks

Also in plywood of your choice 

Pre assembly


Small, large or ultra large

Quickly delivered: we are very flexible. Your time is money!


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